Council endorsed the final draft on 8 March 2022.

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Draft Cultural Activation Strategy

Check out the draft and share your thoughts before 9am, Wednesday 17 November 2021


The purpose of the Cultural Activation Strategy is to provide a framework which supports arts and cultural activity in Camden and to identify how Council will foster innovation, curate high quality cultural experiences, support cultural development and enterprise, and showcase cultural talent within Camden.

We acknowledge that culture means different things to different people and for the purpose of the strategy we define ‘Cultural Activation’ as the means of engaging the community with culture in everyday life. This includes delivering opportunities for connection through high quality events and programs that are vibrant and culturally diverse, and the provision of well-resourced facilities and support for the cultural community.

The strategy outlines avenues for space provision, programs to support vibrant and connected places across the Camden LGA, and pathways to advocate for infrastructure provision for the arts and culture, contributing to the realisation of the vision to create town centres and cultural spaces which are inclusive and well utilised as Camden grows.

The Strategy identifies four key pillars:

Cultural ActivationActivities which support the broad activation of space in Camden including, the development of a program of activations and events, production of public art and space provision for creative enterprise
Cultural DevelopmentAvenues for support for cultural business including development and networking opportunities
Cultural DestinationDevelop and promote Camden as a key destination for a range of cultural tourism experiences from heritage to contemporary
Cultural AdvocacyThe importance of collaboration and partnership with community, business, education, government and the arts and cultural sector

Cultural activity is key to bringing people together and giving them the chance to express themselves. Council will build upon our existing strengths and seek new opportunities to support culture and the arts in the Camden community.

You can read the draft Strategy and accompanying Council report in the Document Library.

Your feedback is valued and will assist Council to finalise the Strategy as well as inform the action plan that will align to the strategy.

We would love to hear what you like about the draft Strategy as well as your thoughts on what could be adjusted or included by 9am, Wednesday 17 November 2021.

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