Council endorsed the final draft on 8 March 2022.
Click here to view the final document.

Draft Economic Development Strategy on exhibition

Camden's draft Economic Development Strategy 2022-2026 has been developed to outline priorities and actions for economic development throughout the local government area. It will also set the framework for Council as an enabler of economic growth and diversification in Camden and throughout the Western Parkland City.

Stakeholder consultation helped identify four strategic directions which will support and enhance the Camden economy over the short to medium term and provide a framework for Council to achieve its vision for economic growth.

It is now time to check back in with the broader community and stakeholders to review the drafted Strategy.

Once finalised, the Strategy will help Council to work collaboratively across government and industry, to facilitate economic activity and employment growth, advocate for investment in the Camden LGA, and encourage the development of attractive and vibrant places in order to grow a prosperous economy and connected community.

LEARN MORE on this page, in the associated Council Report, read the draft Economic Development Strategy 2022-2026 or ask a question of the Economy and Place Team.

A range of source materials and consultation methods were utilised to inform the Strategy’s development. This included a literature review, review of the regional context, and review of the community consultation outcomes derived from the development of the Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

Consultation activities included:

  • Interviews with internal stakeholders;
  • Online survey to business and industry groups;
  • Online community survey regarding place initiatives;
  • Webinar for Camden LGA businesses and stakeholders; and
  • Workshops for Camden LGA businesses and stakeholders.

The Strategy aligns with key Council and regional strategies, including:

The Strategy builds on the principles outlined in these key documents and will deliver a holistic approach to economic development which prioritises innovation, community wellbeing, celebration of our unique rural and urban assets, and maximising opportunities to leverage growth from the Western Sydney International Airport and Aerotropolis.

The development of the Strategy was also informed by the following key documents.

NSW Government:

Camden Council:



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