Let's talk garbage

Camden Council’s Waste and City Presentation Branch is developing a new Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy.

We are currently seeking information from residents about what works now, as well as how we can improve waste management and reduce landfill into the future.

The information gathered will be used to draft a long term strategy and explore options for a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) service.

Share your thoughts

There are a few ways you can get involved and help shape the strategy and services we provide:

  • Use the ideas board to describe your needs and see what others have added.
  • Participate in a focus group - we will be conducting 4 focus groups to clarify feedback from the survey, if you wish to take part please use the EOI Form below to express an interest by 12 July 2022.
  • Survey closed 9am, Monday 13 June 2022

Ideas Board

Do you have an idea for the future management of waste?

As our population continues to grow there is a great need for waste to be managed well. Use this space to share your ideas, examples of initiatives that work in other areas or innovative processes.

9 December, 2023

Helen Sears says:

The garage sales were an absolute success. Would it be possible for a permanent recycle centre that sells usable items to the public

4 August, 2023

Linda says:

Implement Organic waste collection program (FOGO) - Provide every household with kitchen caddy and compostable bags to reduce landfill/waste

1 July, 2022

Jess says:

Also list of places to recycle or place ‘other’ waste such as gas cans.

1 July, 2022

Jess says:

Give a print out details and pictures of what type of waste goes to which bin or build this in the Camden App for easy user experience.

21 June, 2022

peterhoz says:

Next contract, waste trucks should be 100% EV not fossil fuel.

21 June, 2022

peterhoz says:

Encourage Aldi to offer soft plastic recycling. Not everyone shops at Coles & Woolies! Better still, offer an 80L soft plastic home bin

21 June, 2022

peterhoz says:

Return+earn should be in EVERY supermarket, as it is in Scandinavian countries, not like here where they're outside, dirty, and too rare

21 June, 2022

peterhoz says:

4th bin glass recycling is the next step after FOGO. Too much recycling is contaminated by broken glass.

21 June, 2022

peterhoz says:

FOGO is a must but provide kitchen caddies. Ensure that supermarkets have proper compostable bin liners, properly labelled, not biodegradabe

20 June, 2022

Johansson says:

We should be encouraging each house hold to use their washing machine waste water, for watering there gardens during the summer days.

19 June, 2022

Kobi says:

Provide more public water bubblers to drink and fill bottles. This would reduce the demand for bottled water and encourage reusable bottles.

30 May, 2022

Ref 14003/2022 sugge says:

Partner with waste producing businesses & volunteers to move park waste before mowing and from streets Empty park bins Fri be4 games on Sat

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