Great news!

Our Camden Youth Strategy 2022-2026 has officially been endorsed, after consultation with almost 1,500 young people.

The Strategy’s main priorities include:

  • Youth mental health and wellbeing
  • Youth employment and community connection
  • Youth voice, empowerment and safety

You can view the Strategy here :-)

If you'd like to contact us and get involved please email or visit our website

The draft Camden Youth Strategy 2022-2026 seeks to guide how Camden Council will support young people and the local youth sector over the next five years.

Almost 1500 local young people participated in the 2020/21 Camden Youth Consultation to inform Council how they want us to support them and what issues matter.

This consultation saw the emergence of five strategic priorities:

  • Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Youth Employment
  • Community Connections
  • Youth Voice & Empowerment
  • Safety

These focus areas were then addressed during development of the draft Strategy, which clearly identifies the actions needed to help support our young people, address issues that matter to them and help them achieve the futures they see for themselves.

Take a look

Please take some time to look through and consider how Camden Council plans to achieve the aspirations of our youth.

Printed copies can also be viewed at:

  • Customer Service Centre, 70 Central Avenue, Oran Park;
  • Oran Park Library, 72 Central Avenue, Oran Park;
  • Camden Library, 40 John Street, Camden; and
  • Narellan Library, corner Queen and Elyard Streets, Narellan.

Your feedback is important

Please assist Council to finalise the Youth Strategy and get on with supporting our community.

Share your thoughts by 5pm Wednesday 15 June 2022, using any of the following methods:

  • an online submission form - provided below ↓
  • quick poll ↓
  • letter to Patrick O'Meara, Camden Council, PO Box 183, Camden NSW 2570
  • via email to

We will take your feedback into account as we review and prepare a final Strategy for Camden Council to adopt.

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