Help us to make art an everyday experience.

Last year our Cultural Activation Strategy identified that we need a plan for supporting and implementing public art, temporary and permanent, across our local government area.

You're invited to explore this opportunity and share your ideas with us so we can develop an approach to creative, unique and innovative public art.

Adopted in 2022, Camden Council's Cultural Activation Strategy 2022-2026 provides a framework for the delivery of cultural activity throughout the local government area.

The strategy articulates the role which arts and culture plays in bringing people together, identifying four key pillars:

  1. Cultural Activation,
  2. Cultural Development,
  3. Cultural Destination, and
  4. Cultural Advocacy.

Development of a Public Art Strategy and Implementation Plan for temporary and permanent public art is recognised as a priority project within the Cultural Activation pillar of the Strategy.

This would provide a strategic approach to supporting and implementing public art, temporary and permanent, across our local government area.

Public Art provides an important vehicle for enhancing our public spaces and expressing community and cultural identity, whether preserving and celebrating our history and cultural heritage or reflecting a contemporary community.

Camden Council aims to promote and coordinate the integration of design and public art into the built and natural environment to ensure the local government area develops as a safe, creative, unique and vibrant place.

The Public Art Strategy will support the Public Art Policy and Procedure for works commissioned or acquired by Council via purchase, donation or transfer, and/or works acquired under a voluntary planning agreement.

Defined as any artistic work or activity designed and created by professional arts practitioners for the public domain, Public Art may be of a temporary or permanent nature and located in or part of a public open space, building or facility, including façade elements provided by either the public or private sector (not including memorials or plaques).

Public art can….

  • make art an everyday experience for residents and visitors
  • take many forms in many different materials and styles, such as lighting, sculpture, performance and artwork
  • be free-standing work or integrated into the fabric of buildings, streetscapes and outdoor spaces
  • draw its meaning from or add to the meaning of a particular site or place

Camden Council staff, property owners and creatives will be able to use the Strategy as a reference when seeking grants and as a guide for special projects.

A current example of a local project which offers an opportunity for public art to be incorporated is Nepean River Connect.

Pop a pin on the map

We're busy reviewing survey and workshop responses before drafting the Strategy but it's not too late to share your ideas for a public art location using the map below.


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Local Public Art



Surveys have closed

We've closed the survey and concluded our workshops. Responses and feedback is now being reviewed so that a draft Strategy can be prepared.

Public exhibition of the draft Strategy will be our next step. Stay tuned by following this page.


How we're consulting

There is much to consider so we are offering a number of ways for you to learn more about the proposed Strategy and share your ideas including:

  • Survey before 9am, Wednesday 1 March 2023 **EXTENDED**
  • Pop-ups – chat with us at your local shopping centre:

Oran Park Podium - Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 January between 11.30am and 2.30pm

Narellan Town Centre - Thursday 2 February from 9-11am/12-2pm/4-6pm

Camden's Alan Baker Art Gallery or outside the National Australia Bank (NAB) - 1 to 10 February 2023 (various)

  • Ideas Wall - Make a suggestion or nominate an artist, experience or public art you enjoy
  • Map our Public Art - add a pin and upload a photo to identify where public art exists or suggest a location
  • Creative Collab Workshop – Tuesday 31 January 2023 from 6pm to 9pm. RSVP at
  • Phone Chat - call 13 226 336 for a call back

Join us for a workshop at the next Creative Collab event.

Creative Collab is a quarterly forum connecting emerging and established arts and creative professionals from the Macarthur region. The events will host guest artist speakers, discussions, presentations and the latest news from the arts and cultural sector in NSW to support and sustain a vibrant local creative industry and network, inclusive of visual arts, decorative arts, performing arts, music and design.

The event is free to the public and aims to encourage professional and networking development for artists from the Macarthur Region.


DATE: Tuesday 31 January 2023 from 6pm to 9pm

LOCATION: Ferguson Gallery, Camden Civic Centre, Cnr Oxley & Mitchell St, Camden NSW 2570