A plan to celebrate and enhance the Camden Town Centre

Council is enhancing Camden Town Centre's unique heritage and charm with projects identified in the Urban Design Framework aiming to celebrate, protect and strengthen its future.

The Framework was guided by a comprehensive community consultation process to identify the aspects of the Camden Town Centre that the community values and celebrates, as well as areas for improvement to continue to preserve the town centre's unique heritage character.

The Framework identified a number of precincts for enhancement, including Argyle Street, Larkin Place, the Camden Civic Centre, John Street, and Nepean River connections, as well as the need to preserve Camden's unique heritage character.

These projects are detailed in their project pages below, informing you each step of the way with what is happening and when we'll be engaging the community for feedback.

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Current Projects

  • Signage and Wayfinding in Camden

    Wayfinding is the process of how people orientate themselves and navigate in a space or along a pathway. How can we improve signage and wayfinding in Camden Town Centre?

  • Camden Civic Centre

    The venue is incredibly versatile hosting cultural and civic events with potential to improve the venue for better community use and attract visitors to Camden as a new cultural hub.

  • Nepean River Connect

    We're creating a continuous riverside recreational network that enhances Camden's relationship with the Nepean River.


Camden Town Centre map

Explore the interactive map to find out more about each project.

Past Projects

This project included temporary installations to enhance the vibrancy of the area and provide additional amenities for improved pedestrian and visitor experiences. The project is now completed, and the evaluation and feedback to determine final outcomes is finalised. See project details HERE.

Opened in December 2017, the 150 space, single deck carpark replaced an old, ground level parking facility.

The carpark provides additional parking close to Argyle Street, making access the Camden Town Centre more convenient.

The Argyle Street Enhancement Works, finalised in 2018, included basic infrastructure and safety upgrades to manage the demands associated with large-scale population growth within the Camden Local Government Area.

The works included:

  • Installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Oxley and Argyle Streets;
  • Pedestrian signals to replace the zebra crossing on Argyle Street, between John and Hill Streets;
  • Increased footpath widths by 1m to improve footpath levels;
  • Drainage improvement works; and
  • Upgrading of lighting, street furniture and footpath pavers.