Leppington Town Centre is located in the South West Growth Area identified by the NSW Government. It spans across both Camden Council and Liverpool City Council areas.

The draft Planning Proposal is an application to amend planning controls in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts—Western Parkland City) 2021 - NSW Legislation.

The draft Planning Proposal Package includes a new masterplan, proposed changes to planning controls (e.g. zones, heights etc) through maps and written legislation, and supporting studies.

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Watch a video and read the brochure we've prepared to provide an overview of the planning proposal.

Take a look through the draft Planning Proposal Package. The package can be viewed online in the Document Library, as well as at Camden Council's Administration Centre and Library in Central Avenue, Oran Park.

If you would like to get in touch with Council about site specific matters, please register to attend a stakeholder information session (click on the INFORMATION tab ↓ for details). Alternatively feel free to contact the team at Camden Council on 13 Camden (13 226 336) or email leppington@camden.nsw.gov.au.

Some team members will also be promoting the exhibition at Leppington Village Shopping Centre on Thursdays 9 and 23 November (2pm to 6pm) and Saturdays 11 and 25 November 2023 (9.30am to 1.30pm).

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We welcome your feedback about the draft Planning Proposal package by Tuesday 6 February 2024.

Submissions can be made:

  • using the online submission form (below ↓)
  • by post to Camden Council, PO Box 183 Camden NSW 2570
  • via email to mail@camden.nsw.gov.au

Artist Impressions

It's the year 2041.

Here's what we think Leppington Town Centre will look like.

Proposed Masterplan

The Future of Leppington

A new draft plan for Leppington Town Centre is now on exhibition and Camden and Liverpool City Councils would like to invite you to find out more about the plan and to have your say.

Over the next 20 years, Leppington Town Centre will provide homes for over 25,000 people along with 11,000 jobs. The plan includes new and expanded schools, new community facilities, parks and plazas, better roads and fast buses and trains. The map below shows the proposed 2023 masterplan. Click on the dots for additional information.

Land Zoning

Current and Proposed Land Zoning

Drag the arrow across to see how the zoning is proposed to change. Or click on a map for a closer view.

Current Land Zoning Proposed Land Zoning

Meetings by appointment

Site specific meetings

Camden and Liverpool councils will be holding in-person meetings for landowners and other stakeholders to discuss site-specific issues relating to the draft Leppington Town Centre Review planning proposal package.

What are the meetings for?
The purpose of the meetings is to provide an opportunity for landowners/stakeholders to discuss the details of the draft Leppington Town Centre Review planning proposal package as they apply to specific site(s). Council officers can explore matters related to zoning, building height, floor space, setbacks and related information.

Council officers can also discuss land acquisition procedures (where relevant) and provide general advice relating to Works in Kind Agreements and Council-lead infrastructure (such as drainage).

Not a pre-DA service
The meetings are not intended as a pre-DA service. Council officers will not be able to provide advice related to subdivision/development proposals and no minutes will be issued. Landowners and other stakeholders wishing to organise a pre-DA are encouraged to make a booking with Council’s Development Assessment team at the following link: www.camden.nsw.gov.au/development/da-stages/advice.

Meetings by appointment

We're offering 2 options for landowners and other stakeholders who request a meeting to discuss the impacts on their specific site(s):


To attend a face-to-face meeting at Camden Council’s Administration Centre (70 Central Avenue, Oran Park) please click here to register.

Camden Council landowners are encouraged to register for meetings held at the Camden Council Administration Centre. If Carnes Hill Library (600 Kurrajong Road, Carnes Hill) is more convenient for you, please register here.


To organise an online meeting with Council officers (via Microsoft Teams) please call Camden Council on 13 CAMDEN (13 226 336) or email leppington@camden.nsw.gov.au.

Please note that meetings with Council staff are confidential. No recording of such meetings is permitted without the express prior consent of Council staff. Where there is an attempt to record without consent, Council reserves the right to stop the meeting or take further action.

General questions regarding the Leppington Town Centre Review planning proposal package can be directed to Camden Council by calling 13 CAMDEN (13 226 336) or sending an email to leppington@camden.nsw.gov.au.

Document Library

    Planning Proposal and Supporting Documents

    Planning Proposal and SEPP maps

    Development Control Plan

      Council Reports, Meeting Minutes & DPE correspondence

      Supporting Technical Studies

      Flyer and translations


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      Frequently Asked Questions


      2013 Leppington was originally rezoned.

      2014 Federal Government announced Western Sydney Airport

      2015 Leppington Train Station opened

      2016 The Greater Sydney Region Plan adopted

      2017 Department of Planning, Industry and Environment commenced a review of zoning and led Preliminary Community Engagement

      2018 Western City District Plan adopted

      2019 Camden Council and Liverpool City Council were handed responsibility of the review of zoning

      2020 Camden Local Strategic Planning Statement adopted

      2020 Corridors for the North South rail line and the extension of rail from Leppington to Aerotropolis confirmed

      2021 Council led Preliminary Community Engagement and State Agency Engagement

      2022 Draft Planning Proposal Package has been considered by Camden and Liverpool Local Planning Panels.

      Draft Planning Proposal Package has been considered by both Camden Council and Liverpool City Council

      2023 Favourable Gateway Determination issued by the Department of Planning and Environment to proceed to public exhibition subject to satisfying relevant conditions.

      November 2023 Planning Proposal Package is now on exhibition.

      The draft Planning Proposal has been prepared in response to changes to the surrounding strategic context and to improve developer and feasibility since the original rezoning in 2013, including:

      All existing and approved development has the right to continue under ‘existing use rights’ until such time as the land owner chooses to redevelop their land. New development applications will consider the draft zoning of the land.

      No. Landowners are not obligated to sell to a developer at any time unless they choose to. Any agreement shall be a private agreement between the landowner and the developer. Council has no role in this.

      With the Aerotropolis being the primary focus of new employment lands in South West Sydney, Leppington Town Centre will need to expand its role of providing much needed homes, local employment, services and a civic hub to support the concept of a 30-minute city.

      The draft Planning Proposal includes land use and zoning changes to the Western Parklands City Precincts SEPP in line with recommendations from the Leppington Town Centre Market Demand Analysis and in line with the changed role for Leppington Town Centre in response to the Aerotropolis. The plans for Leppington Town Centre transition from a largely employment-zoned business and industrial park, with pockets of separated medium density residential, to a highly integrated mixed-use Strategic Centre with a focus on residential development and provision of cultural and recreational facilities, as well as major retail and government services for the surrounding areas.

      Detailed planning for infrastructure, which includes drainage, roads, open space etc. will commence once the draft Planning Proposal is finalised. This infrastructure will be delivered as surrounding development occurs.

      The increase in the amount proposed open space is required to meet the needs of a larger residential population. Further information is available in the draft Planning Proposal and supporting technical studies. These can be viewed in the Document Library.

      The draft Planning Proposal identifies land that may be acquired by Council or another acquiring authority in the future. It is important to note that land identified for acquisition is subject to change until the Planning Proposal is finalised.

      To facilitate the transition from rural to urban development, public infrastructure is required to help support and service the future community. For example, drainage land has been identified to provide stormwater management infrastructure. This includes the Scalabrini, Bonds and Kemps Creek corridor and drainage lines that flow into the creek. Open space land has been identified to provide local parks and sporting facilities. Land has also been identified for road infrastructure to enable development of the Leppington Town Centre Precinct for urban development.

      Council has a land acquisition information guide for further guidance on this matter.

      Where land is identified for acquisition by Council for a public purpose Council is required to acquire land in line with the provisions of the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

      Camden and Liverpool City Councils acknowledge the recommendations of the 2022 Flood Enquiry and that Leppington Town Centre is located within the South Creek catchment, which is part of the Nepean River system.

      The planned rezoning of Leppington Town Centre will greatly improve Leppington Town Centre’s resilience to flooding. The draft plan removes over 60,000 m² of land, which was zoned for productive uses located on land that would be inundated during a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) event and rezones it for public open space (increased by over 19,000 m²) and special uses (primarily drainage and roads: increased by over 40,000 m²).

      As part of its due diligence process, the Department of Planning and Environment identified 6 sites within Leppington Town Centre, which are intended to be zoned for residential purposes, that may be subject to inundation during a PMF event. The Gateway determination requires Council to conduct additional flood studies, to determine the worst-case scenario for flooding at these sites, while the draft plan is on public exhibition.

      Should you require further information or wish to discuss potential flood impacts, please call Camden Council on 1322 6336, email leppington@camden.nsw.gov.au or register to attend a face-to-face meeting here.

      Camden Council has prepared an amendment to the Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan in conjunction with the Leppington Town Centre (LTC) planning proposal. The contributions plan (CP) will enable Council to fund local infrastructure to meet the demands of the future population in the LTC.

      The CP is now on public exhibition at Camden Growth Areas Contribution Plan - Amendment 4. Submissions will be accepted to 6 February 2024.

      Note the CP will only apply to land within the Camden local government area.

      The commuter carpark is operated by Transport for NSW. Transport for NSW constructed a multi-storey commuter carpark with over 1000 car parking spaces to cater for the expected uplift in the future population. For more information on the commuter carpark, please visit Leppington Commuter Car Park | Transport for NSW.


      Public exhibition of the draft Planning Proposal package concluded on Tuesday 6 February 2024.

      Late submissions may be accepted upon application. Please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 13 CAMDEN (13 226336) or via email to mail@camden.nsw.gov.au

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